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Canon printers are one of the most popular printer brands. It is liked and used by people all over the world. Printers and computers over the years have become an essential part of our personal and professional life. Over the years the size of the printers has become more and more compact which has largely contributed to making it popular not just among the office users but also among the home users too.  But of the most common issue seen in printers is paper jamming. It is nothing that you have to stress about and can be easily solved. If you face any difficulty while following the steps mentioned here contact Canon Printer Customer Support.



In case if the paper that is jammed inside the printer tears and you fail to remove the paper then follow the steps given below-

  • First turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the power socket.
  • Then open the paper output tray
  • Then ensure that the jammed paper is not under the fine cartridge holder. If it then moves the fine cartridge holder to the right edge or to the left edge according to your convenience. While moving the fine cartridge grab the holder of the cartridge and slide it slowly to the right or the left edge.
  • Now hold the jammed paper and pull the paper slowly and carefully as not to tear it. Then pull the paper out.
  • Make sure that the jammed paper is removed- in case if the paper gets torn the piece of paper may remain inside the printer. Thus keep the following in mind while removing the pieces of the paper-
  1. If the piece of the paper is under the cartridge holder.
  2. If little-crumbled paper bits remain inside the printer
  3. If the paper pieces remain on the right or the left side space of the printer.
  • Now close the paper output cover and then reload the paper. If possible cancel all the print jobs and resume the printing process one at a time.



The Canon Printer Customer Support works all round the clock to provide you with the best service. A team of professionals works very hard to ensure that you get the right solution for your entire problem and that all your queries are answered. If you face any difficulty while working with the system then call +1-888-621-0339.  


Follow the links given below for more information


http://templatedevelopers.grou.ps/people/znzdurrdijgengjxu ;











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Printers and computers have become an essential part of our lives. Now all of us no matter what age group we belong to have become dependent on them for all our personal, educational and professional work. It is also become an important and important way for recreation. And when it comes to the leading printer companies, canon printer definitely makes the top list. And many a time they too face a few issues. And one of the most common issue faced by the printers are problem of inkjet smearing. If you come across any difficulty in following the steps mentioned below or have any queries or doubts then contact Canon Printer Customer Support.


The following steps will help you fix the problem-

• Give the ink enough time to dry- this may sound something very normal and obvious but many a time we are all in such a hurry that the ink does not get enough time to dry. It is seen that a printed document takes longer to dry compared to a printed document. The dry time also depends on the kind of ink and paper used. Thus depending on the type of paper and ink used the time needed for the ink to dry may vary.

• Use goof quality ink- one of the most expensive thing that comes to printing is its ink. Thus to make the printing process a little cost effective we go for inks that are cheaper. But in doing so the quality of the ink gets compromised. As the ink holds on to the paper very much depends on the composition of the ink. Thus it is very important to use a good and high quality ink.

• Choose the right combination of ink and paper- while printing a document one of the most important aspect is the kind of paper and ink used. It is very important for the paper and the ink to be compatible. Only then the ink will stick to the paper. When they are both incompatible the ink will not stick to the paper thus causing ink smearing. When you use an advance ink then it is also important to upgrade the paper.


The Canon Printer Customer Support works all round the clock and ensures that all the problems related to your printer are solved. They believe in the saying that happy customers are returning customers. So whenever you come across any kind of problem while working with the printer feel free to call + 1-888-621-0339. 

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